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18inch clear bobo balloons are a versatile accessory to add a magical atmosphere to any party or special event. Suitable for use with helium or air, confetti or led fairy lights. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in the garden and used as pool balloons. The balloon surface is thicker than regular balloons, they can last for a long time. Heart full messages and graphic art at can be drawn or written directly on to the balloons surface using a marker or paint. A perfect customizable accessory for weddings, birthdays, pool parties, baby showers,

25 Pack of clear 18inch bobo balloons
Instructions manual
No other accessories included


1. Clear bobo balloons are made from a different material than normal balloons. They are thicker and stronger and need to be stretched by hand first.
2. Inflate using a compressed air pump, or helium tank, It is possible to inflate with a handheld pump but requires a bit more work.
3. Do not try to inflate more that the maximum size of 18 inches in diameter.
4. Once inflated stretch the tail of the balloon, then twist in to a spiral before tying the know several times.
5. Make sure the knot is very tight to avoid any air escaping, and for extra safety you can tie an elastic band around the knot.