Oasis Midnight Floral Foam

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Features and Benefits

-Brick line help to cut into half or 1/3 brick size to fit the container. -Excellent water source.

-Pre cut to save your time, just soak and design

-Black floral foam is much easier to conceal than green, as it literally fades into the shadows of your flowers.

Typical Uses

-Midnight foam can be left visible to create minimalist floral designs that are both on-trend and perfect for the modern customers.

-Take the guess work out adding water to arrangements by hydrating designs when the vibrant black foam fades to gray.

-For any arrangements with fresh flowers in transparent vases, without hidden the floral foams.

-Suitable for all flowers stem.

Product Details Brick Size: 23 x 11 x 8 cm

Quantities Per Carton: 20 Pcs