Long life Classic Champagne rose 10CM

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?Real Fresh Rose? - This Forever rose Kreative is made of high quality natural rose and finalized by our masters manually. They are wonderful! Your loved one will be happy with the gift.
?Special technology? - Our enchanted roses and foliage are natural roses and greens that have been made with a special technology to maintain their fresh appearance for 3 -5 years.
?Rose of Love? - A special cap made of transparent glass will help preserve your flower - protect it from dust and it will be fresh and bright for a long time.
?Ready for Present? - Infinity rose it does not require water or a vase. You can give it anywhere - a restaurant, outdoors, a car, and it will not be a hassle. And a beautiful silver - colored necklace is a great addition to a rose.
?The enchanted rose? - We collect fresh flowers and use special technologies to keep them fresh. This is beautiful little gifts for her