Oasis Floral Foam Bricks Classic 2pcs

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Features and benefits

  • High density for heavy stems.
  • Cutting lines.
  • Excellent water source.
  • Quick saturation.
  • Low drainage.

Typical uses

  • For arrangements with thick, heavy stem flowers and large arrangements.

Product details

  • Brick Size: 23cm(L) x 11cm(B) x 8cm(D).
  • 20 Bricks per Carton.
  • The hardness of Foam is 5 on a scale of 5.

How to soak wet floral foam

  • The container should be clean and big enough.
  • Soak floral foam by placing it onto the water.
  • Leave it until it is fully saturated.
  • Do not push it underwater as this may cause dry spots.