Marble Design Warpping paper

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  • 1. Double-sided wrapping paper, flower packaging, banquet wrapping paper, business gift wrapping paper, birthday gift packaging, etc.
  • 2. Use scene: book packaging, business gifts, birthday gift packaging, flower packaging, dinner gifts, etc.
  • 3. Our stores not only have mirrors, chairs, ladders, quilts, trash cans, pillows, tea sets, bowls, chairs and other daily necessities and kitchen supplies. I hope to find the product you like in my store.
  • 4: This product can be used not only for gift packaging, but also for wall decoration, etc.
  • 5: Tip: We use international logistics, products generally need 10-15 days to ship, if more than 30 days, please contact us in time, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.