Ribbons & Wrappings

Ribbons for Wrapping 

Decorating gifts is probably the most popular reason people buy ribbon. It’s a good idea to keep several types and colors on hand, including a few that are appropriate for specific holidays and themed events. Practically all ribbons are great for gift-wrapping, but each type lends its own special look and feel.

Papers, Tissue papers Plastic wrapping papers,Non-woven rolls,flower wrap, cellophane roll etc.. are ideal for food-related gifts,Tissue while cloth, lace, and braided cords are perfect for elegant and expensive gifts. 

Few things are cuter than ribbons tied around the base of a ponytail or woven into a braid. Popular with girls of all ages—as well as adults—well-placed ribbons make plain hairstyles adorable and elevate elegant hairstyles to new heights.

Fabric, such as grosgrain and lace, or stretchy ribbons are the best choices for Gift.Coordinate colors with wardrobe choices or choose natural colors, such as tan or brown, to match your Gift . When buying ribbon for pets, match their fur or eye color.

 Presentation is so important when it comes to gift packaging and flower arrangements. That’s why we offer so many different ribbon and gift wrapping options to let your creativity flow. Some of our favourites include our line of natural wrapping and posy holders. We stock a wide range of fabric ribbonsgift wraptissue paper and floral arrangement display products made of the highest quality materials to give you plenty of choices. Discover our range of wholesale wrapping paper rollstissue papercrochet lace, posy holders, jute wrap, wedding ribbon,  kraft paper and brown paper packaging, sisal wrap and much more, available online direct from the importer.