Flower Blue Vase

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  • This product is fine workmanship, simple and stylish appearance, elegant retro
  • 1, Thanks to its simple and elegant design, this glass vase brings a fresh and clean feel to your interior. Then, unlike other bright white vases, these items have a smooth feel that enhances the owner's elegance.
  • Handmade high quality: Glass vases use the appropriate synergy between traditional craftsmanship and ergonomics.
  • The hollow interior allows you to fill these vases with different fillers, such as dry or scented flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles, etc. From the bottleneck to the bottom, these items show beautiful and natural lines.
  • Suitable for office or home decor, dinner, holidays, wedding planning and other special occasions.Product specifications; bottle diameter * ,W 14 cm *H 17cm,